If Your Arm Makes Noise


Calluses that we are used to standing up can also occur on the back. The click sound that occurs mostly with the back callus arm movement, which threatens women, manifests itself as the shoulder blade rising up and swelling around it, weakness in the arm, arm and back pain. Describing the reasons for the formation of back callus, Thoracic Surgery Specialist Assoc. Dr. Özkan Demirhan said, “Elastofibroma Dorsi is a rare benign and slow growing chest wall tumor. It is a fibroelastic pseudo-tumor (pseudotumor) that develops due to mechanical friction and pressure between the shoulder blade (Scapula) and the chest wall, and is therefore considered more reactive than tumoral. It generally affects the middle age group. It is buried mostly in women over the age of 40 (female to male ratio of 6/1), although it is mostly unilateral (single and double incidence) is 3/1. Most of the unilateral lesions are seen on the right. ”


Mentioning that the movements that force the arm trigger the back callus, Dr. Demirhan said, “It is controversial whether Elastofibroma Dorsi is a real tumor and it can be said that its etiology is multifactorial. In studies conducted, it has been reported that the frequency of occurrence with repetitive trams in patients working with muscle strength may increase. The fact that back callus is seen around the right shoulder blade in those who use the shoulder and arm continuously or do heavy work, often supports this view. However, Elastofibroma Dorsi is also observed in people who have not strained their arm throughout their lives. Apart from the shoulder blade, it can also be seen in different locations. ”


Referring to the treatment methods of back calluses, Demirhan said, “Treatment can provide a solution with surgery. The smallest mass residue should not be left in the surgery, such as cancer surgery. In unsuccessful surgery, the mass may reappear and a second surgery may be required in the second surgery. For this reason, its treatment is carried out by cleaning the tumor completely. If the tumor causes functional insufficiency in the arm and shoulder, signs of pressure, pain and swelling in the chest wall and the diameter of the tumor exceeds 5 centimeters, it must be removed. In smaller and non-complaint lesions, the patient can be monitored without surgical treatment. There is no evidence that the disease turns into cancer since the Dubling time period, which we call the doubling time of the Elastofibroma Dorian, is quite long. Radiotherapy is used in rare masses that cannot be resected, ”he said.


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