Gaps Nutrition Protocol, Gaps Diet


”The face measurement of the human large intestine is half the size of a football field. The deterioration that occurs in such a large area is strong enough to affect the whole body. ”

It is possible to cure many diseases with the GAPS diet and treatment method, which first started in England and now spreads around the world.

If you have one or two of the conditions listed below, you have to be careful. Because recent research shows that these children may face more serious health problems in the future.

-Learning and speaking difficulties
-Hiperaktivit to
-Don’t come across
-Personality personality disorder,
-Insufficient growth and development
-Recurrent painful abdominal pain
-Egz Game
-Feeding with food
-Frequent upper respiratory tract infection or flu
-Excessive food selection and anorexia
-Frequent urinary tract infections
-Very frequent need for antibiotics

The face measurement of the human large intestine is half the size of a football field. The distortion that occurs in such a large area is strong enough to affect the whole body. Especially, the disruption of the cells and beneficial bacteria that should be present in the intestines, prepares the ground for many diseases from autism to allergy.

This issue has been seriously investigated from 18-20 years ago. In the light of the data obtained, the body is given the opportunity to renew itself with a special diet method and the damages that can occur can be treated. This method is called GAPS. GAPS is composed of the initials of the words “Gut And Psychology / Physiology Syndrome”. Turkish equivalent: “Intestinal and Psychology / Physiology Syndrome”.

How is GAPS a method?

GAPS; Dr. Natasha Campbell-McBride is a natural diet-based treatment method developed for “gut health” to treat her son who was diagnosed with “autism” at the age of 3.

Because the cause of autism; abnormal intestinal flora (dysbiosis), damaged and permeable intestine (leaky gut syndrome); The result of toxins, heavy metals, additives, poorly digestible nutrients from the intestinal wall to the brain through blood and blood is toxin in the brain. With the natural and nutritional GAPS treatment method developed by Dr. Campbell McBride, he has completely improved his son’s autism by treating his son’s intestinal flora and preventing the toxin in the brain that causes autistic symptoms. Hope for the treatment of many diseases with GAPS nutrition therapy!

Children with autism, epilepsy, attention deficit, hyperactivity disorder, dyslexia, dyspraxia in the clinic in Cambridge, England and around the world; psychological and psychiatric problems (schizophrenia, epilepsy, depression, bipolar disorder, obsessive-compulsive disorder …) are achieved with up to 100% success in children and adults.

Because as in autism; The cause of psychiatric illnesses, which most people think of as helpless diseases, is the toxination of the brain due to damaged, permeable intestinal wall and abnormal intestinal flora. As a result of treating the intestinal flora (all of the beneficial bacteria that should be normally present), these diseases completely heal as the brain gets rid of the effect of the toxin load.

What side effects does the intestinal flora have abnormal on the body?

Due to the abnormality of the intestinal flora (dysbiosis) and damage and permeability (leaky gut syndrome) in the intestinal wall, not only the brain, but the whole body outside the brain is also under toxic burden. This condition also causes physiological and autoimmune diseases. Because all toxins in the intestine can pass to organs and even the brain without encountering any obstacles. GAPS Treatment is by improving the intestinal flora and intestinal wall; It also improves intestinal physiology syndromes and immune system (autoimmune system) diseases.


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