Egg Freezing Process, IVF


In IVF treatments, sperm and embryos were frozen for many years, but egg freezing was not efficient. Laboratory conditions and technologies developed in recent years have enabled egg freezing to be successful.

Especially in recent years, quite satisfactory results have been obtained with egg cell and embryo freezing. The success achieved with frozen cells is approximately close to the success achieved with freshly used cells. Contrary to popular belief in society, research reveals that pregnancy rates obtained from frozen eggs and embryos are high.

With modern medicine methods used today, 95 percent of frozen embryos should be able to be thawed in a healthy way. The chance of pregnancy in these embryos can reach up to 60-70 percent. Healthy pregnancies can be achieved even after many years of freezing. No negative effects are observed in babies during pregnancy obtained with frozen cells. In addition, researches show that there is no risk for anomalies in babies born with the freezing method.

It is reproduced by giving appropriate doses of hormone needles to women as in IVF treatment for egg freezing, and when they are large enough, they are collected under anesthesia by giving cracking needles.

2.-3 of menstruation to treatment. After the start of the day, a treatment that lasts for 12-15 days is done, during this 12-15 day period, 4 or 5 times a doctor is checked. The important thing is that the eggs are alive when dissolved.

This viability rate indicates success. As the patients get older, the viability rate decreases. At the same time, quality declines in older ages.

These procedures should be done by experienced certified baby tube specialists in IVF centers, but attention should be paid to whether the center where egg freezing will be experienced is experienced in ice cream and thawing.

“If the patient is married, embryo freezing, if he is single and young, cells can be stored with egg freezing processes.”

In the egg freezing method, embryos, sperm and eggs can be stored for 5 years at -196 degrees. Afterwards, this period can be extended by providing additional permission. It is decided which method to choose according to the marital status of the patients applying before cancer treatment.

Egg freezing processes; Single women with cancer who have decreased ovarian capacity, will undergo chemotherapy or have damaged ovaries after surgery can apply for egg freezing.

The demand for egg freezing has increased in recent years. Because the number of women planning a career and having to postpone the age of marriage increased. Therefore, women resort to egg freezing more frequently in order not to endanger their reproductive potential in the future.

Who can process egg freezing?

Egg freezing is performed with the decision of a board consisting of 3 test tube experts (3 doctor signed delegation report), which has been proved by both examination and hormone tests (AMH value below 1) in which the ovarian reserve is decreased. This is done in Şişli Kolan International Hospital IVF Unit.

Cost of the Transaction?

Since the laboratory equipment used in egg ice cream is a little different, its cost is higher, but since it will only end with ice cream, it does not exceed the price in IVF treatment.

Cancer patients should consult a test tube expert before receiving chemotherapy radiotherapy. In recent years, there has been an increase in cancer cases in the world and in our country. With early diagnosis and treatment, a significant number of patients can fully regain their health and continue their lives with health. However, treatments such as chemotherapy and radiotherapy used during cancer treatment can cause irreversible damage to egg cells. With the approval of the Ministry of Health, the patients who will receive cancer treatment today can store their egg cells by freezing before these treatments. In this way, they can become parents again by using their own stored cells when they regain their health. Before starting cancer treatment, it is necessary to hide the reproductive cells without harming them.

In previous years in Turkey, which allow only requirement states such as cancer, the Ministry of Health “sperm and egg freezing” process, 30 September 2014 to the early menopause risk resulting required by law it has not yet become a source of hope in individuals who have not completed the family. Thus, women who have not planned a baby for any reason can keep their egg cells freeze even if they do not have cancer, even if the conditions are related. It is certain that this issue, which is not yet known by the society because it is a very recent law, will be a very important issue especially for women who have not yet had a baby due to their job education and life struggles in big cities.

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