Heart Health, Cardiology, Heart Anomalies



In our cardiology department; Your heart health is protected with routine check-ups, diseases that threaten your heart can be diagnosed and treated early with the most modern treatment methods.

Wide range of treatments;

As in the world, cardiovascular diseases are among the first diseases that cause death and death in our country. One of the most common causes of subsequent heart diseases is the blockage of blood vessels that feed the heart due to the development of vascular stiffness.


Unrecognized heart anomalies until adult age; The holes in the heart cavities and between the vessels, and the stenosis in the heart valves and veins can be treated without surgery, using a balloon and various appropriate devices under angiography in catheter laboratories without the need for surgery.


With Cardiac CT Angio 128 Slice (Virtual Angio), your coronary vessels are displayed in a short time without the need for preliminary preparation, and if the vascular stenosis diagnosed is required, both our balloon and stent are treated surgically. With angiography on the wrist, our patients stand up immediately after treatment and can be treated with a lower risk of bleeding.

In our department, our cardiology and cardiovascular surgeons offer the most suitable treatment options for your heart with hybrid techniques when necessary.

Congenital heart anomalies (for example, heart holes) can also be treated by entering our vessels without the need for an operation.


The leading cause of myocardial infraction (heart attack) is the stenosis in the coronary arteries that feed the heart’s muscle, and as a result, the heart can not be fed with enough clean blood and cannot perform its task. One of the most important and effective treatment methods of this ailment that leaves the person under serious life threats is BYPASS Surgery. This operation, which aims to take blood beyond the stenosis in the coronary arteries, aims to eliminate the life-threatening patient by protecting the function of the heart muscle.

In addition to standard BYPASS methods, the Cardiac Surgery team has extensive experience in techniques where widespread use of arterial grafts is more satisfactory in long-term outcomes, BYPASS operations performed in appropriate patients without stopping the heart, and BYPASS operations performed through small incisions. In addition, our team has adopted methods that minimize the use of blood and blood products in operations, and provides the opportunity of “Bloodless Bypass Operation” without using these products after the necessary preparation period for patients who do not accept the use of blood products due to their beliefs.


The discomfort in the heart valves should be intervened before the heart functions begin to deteriorate and the valve discomfort should be removed. Repair of the valve without changing the appropriate patients, if it is not possible, the replacement of the valve is the surgical method to be chosen. All kinds of surgical procedures for all heart valves are performed in our hospital.

In addition to all these, our hospital Cardiac Surgery Team, applied in high-risk patients for surgical operations change the Aortic Valve (TAVI) procedure as an alternative to the developed apiko-Aortic Conduit is one of the pilot team in Turkey


Surgical interventions for Aortic Diseases (Aortic Aneurysms and Dissections), which are the main arteries coming out of the heart and that meet the blood needs of all our organs, are the most qualified and serious operations of Cardiac Surgery. One of the most important factors that determine the success of the operation is that this operation is performed by an experienced team in Aortic Surgery.

Our hospital aims to be the reference center that applies the latest technological methods in Aortic Surgery.

Congenital Heart Diseases

Our hospital is at your service in the diagnosis and treatment of all structural pediatric heart diseases, starting from the Neonatal period.


In addition to Cardiac Surgery, Cardiovascular Surgery Team in our hospital provides treatment for varicose vein treatment with Radiofrequency (RF) method as well as surgical treatment of diseases occurring in the neck (carotid) and foot vessels.